Hi Haters

I'm Mark Fehrenbach

A software developer from St. Petersburg, FL.

Things I Can Do

Former brewer turned controls/systems engineer, began coding during the pandemic and haven't looked back.

  • Write all the code
  • Stack small boxes
  • Read books and stuff
  • Drink much coffee
  • Lightning bolt
  • Shadow clone technique

Recent Accomplishments

Some of life's recent adventures.

Kennedy Space Center

Possibly broke spacetime.

Developement, data-collection, and technical support for USF and NASA's OPA1, OPA2, and SAMBR resource recovery machines.

Read more about OPA1, OPA2, and SAMBR
Leon Noel

Terraformed a small moon.

Completed #100devs full-stack software developement January 2022 cohort.

Read more about #100Devs

Helped others.

Was a part of the NEWGenerator system build developing control systems and fabricating hardware for USF in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

More info about NewGenerator wastewater treatment and resource recovery from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
code snippet


A bare bones Laravel+Livewire web app for sharing Astrophotography and more..

Check it out here.